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iPhone Repair Service in Kathmandu

The iPhone has become one of the world’s most famous mobile phone brands. Most of us love the iPhone, It is an entertainment gadget for social networking, texting, calling, and playing games. Research has shown that a person spends at least 2 hours every day on the phone. Sometimes iPhones may face some physiological or technological issues such as cracks and scratches or software problems with such frequent use.

Apple Care offers quality iPhone repair services for Phone Xs Max, iPhone Xs, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5S/5C/5, iPhone 4S/4/3, iPhone 12, and iPhone 12 mini iPhone 13/pro/pro max and so on.

To enjoy the features of the devices, it needs to be maintained and repaired from time to time. And Apple Care; an iPhone service center in Nepal is here to assist with an experienced repair team who understands your problem and provides you with clarity on the repair process. As we have the best professionals to carry out your iPhone repair, you’ll be left with no doubts and will have peace of mind after the repair service.

Are you looking for an affordable iPhone service center in Nepal to repair genuine parts with a warranty?

The aim of Apple Care is to provide you with affordable iPhone repair services and the best customer service. The iPhone service center in Nepal is here to satisfy you with our exceptional service within a short period of time.

Benefits of iPhone repair service in kathmandu-  Apple Care

Apple Care aka the best iPhone repair center is located at the prime location of Kathmandu, New Road. It is a core business center of Nepal.  Although there are lots of iPhone service centers providing quality services around Kathmandu, we’ve mentioned above all the benefits and advantages you will get if you get service from Apple Care.

Apple Care is the iPhone service center in Kathmandu, where we repair genuine parts of the devices and you can find us by just typing best iPhone repair near me.  To serve wholeheartedly we’ve several locations to repair iPhones around Kathmandu. So that you can visit the nearest location to repair your iPhone. The repair center locations of Apple Care around Kathmandu are Newroad, Putalisadak, Baneshwor, and Durbarmarg, Kathmandu. While choosing an iPhone repair center in Nepal near me ask for quality repair and prompt service.

Your device or iPhone is one of the devices used daily and is liable to damage or break from time to time. And for that situation, you must be searching for the best iPhone repair near me, don’t worry the best iPhone service center in Nepal, Apple Care is here to assist you.

The benefits and reasons to us for repairing task are mentioned below:

  • 13 Years of Expertise in the field of iPhone repair services
  • Repair by expert iPhone technicians
  • Installation of genuine parts of  iPhone
  • Affordable price list of Apple accessories
  • 7 days a week service
  • We charge the price only after fixing gadgets
  • 6 Month Warranty on  repair service
  • 100% Data privacy of iPhone
  • There are tons of insignificant problems that you can solve at home with the suggestion of the experts.  iPhone service center advises you to repair your iPhone’s logic board if it has water damage or, due to over-charging experienced sudden death failure. If your iPhone motherboard requires a minor chipset change, we can do it.

Best iPhone repair service in kathmandu

Here at the iPhone repair service in Kathmandu, we provide service according to the needs of the customer and the condition of the devices. We’ve been providing service around Kathmandu for the past few years and are able to win the trust of the client with satisfying services.

Some popular services provided by iPhone service centers in Nepal:

  • Can diagnose iPhone logic board issues and solve the problem.
  • Expert in repairing the motherboard of your iPhone.
  • Always use quality materials and devices in the repair process.
  • Fix a broken LCD within a short time period.
  • iPhone Battery Replacement
  • iPhone Lighting Port Replacement
  • iPhone Home Button Repair
  • iPhone Camera Replacement
  • iPhone Audio Issues Repair
  • iPhone Data Recovery.
  • Get your cracked iPhone repaired
  • Repair your screen with no display with a horizontal and vertical line
  • iPhone damaged glass repair
  • iPhone touch screen that is not responding.
  • We repair iPhone hardware issues, software issues
  • iPhone unlocking services at a reasonable price.
  • Specialized in iPhone logic board repair service

Get your repair work done with the best iPhone service center in Nepal at an affordable price and get expectational service from experienced experts from related fields. We’ve been trusted for so many years by consumers because we take on a repair job, we diagnose the faulty iPhone and highlight the issues preventing your iPhone from operating smoothly. If we cannot repair it, we don’t charge for the service. We feel that is fair enough.

Taking service from Apple Care would be the best choice for you. It is so because Nepal’s Apple Care iPhone repair center has systematic management and we provide same-day service. Feel free to ask our technical experts for an iPhone repair service in Kathmandu, we’re more than happy to help you.

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    Three Steps Solution

    Bring Damaged Devices

    We will be providing best repair service in the town. We always tries to fix the issue. We never let our user down. Also we have solved most of the issue.

    Diagnosis & Solve Issues

    Our technical team dig into you macbook to find the issue. Also our dedicated technician team finds and solve the issue of the you device or gadget.

    Return Perfect Devices

    We have always found that our customer is found happy and satisfy with our team. Also we have always find the issue and fix them returning to our customer in perfect conditions.


    Our Repair Services

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    Battery Issue
    battery can't hold the charger
    alt alt
    Free Diagnostic
    Price: Free Estimates
    alt alt
    Data Recovery
    Retrive missing files
    alt alt
    Fan Issue
    Overheating or noisy fan
    alt alt
    CPU Issue
    Upgrade to an SSD
    alt alt
    Keyboard Replacement
    Swap out for a new keyboard

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    What Our Clients Say?

    This is my first time repairing my MacBook. Technicians are highly professional they solved my issues taking only one hour. Excellent services at an affordable price and time. From now I am going to repair my laptop at this service center.

    Sarita Giri
    Mackbook User

    Best laptop repair in Nepal. They repaired my Macbook Air 2015 laptop which is a pretty new laptop. They are very humble and have good personalities.

    Ojashwi Basel
    MacBook Air User

    Good knowledgable technician & very brilliant skills of repairing, they provide good service with the satisfying cost at a short period of time. I highly recommend this place for apple repairing services.

    Anjana Tamrakar
    iphone 8 plus User

    Frequently asked questions

    Apple care is the best place for iphone repair service in kathmandu, Nepal. The aim of Apple Care is to provide you with affordable iPhone repair services and the best customer service. The iPhone service center in Nepal is here to satisfy you with our exceptional service within a short period of time.

    IIf your old iPhone isn't too expensive to fix, it's probably a good idea to repair it, especially if it only has minor problems and still works well for you. Think about its age, how much you like it, and whether you can sell it later.

    Yes, AppleCare can cover the cost of repairing a damaged iPhone screen. However, there may be a deductible fee.