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Are you in search of a reliable iPhone repair center in Nepal that ensures top-notch services for all your Apple devices? Apple Care Nepal stands as your trusted one-stop solution for all iPhone models, providing expert repair services and genuine Apple parts. So, Here you can explore about iphone repair service in kathmandu.

We are here to deliver top-tier repair services that set us apart. Before taking the step to drop your phone at us you might search a reasons for choosing us. Let’s explore iPhone repair service in Kathmandu

Why Choose Apple Care Nepal for Your iPhone Repairs?

Repairing your gadgets with non-expertise it’s is scary there can be the possibility of failure due to incomplete experience and in-depth knowledge of those devices.
At Apple Care Nepal, we take pride in being the go-to destination for iPhone repairs. Here’s why choosing us is your best decision:

  • Expert and certified technicians: we have been here since 2015 and up to now we have diagnosed lots of devices with different issues this is possible because of our expert and certified service engineers.
  • Genuine Parts: We use authentic Apple sphere parts and equipment for repairs.
  • Quick Turnaround Time: We know that the phone has become an integral part of human life.
  • Reliable Services: Apple Care Nepal, is trustworthy for repairing your iPhone, we aim to achieve your all expectations.

Expertise You Can Trust: Certified technicians, genuine parts, and over a decade of experience make Apple Care Nepal your go-to for top-tier iPhone repairs.

iPhone Repair Services Offered by Apple Care Nepal

No problem if you are facing problems related to hardware or software we are committed to excellence and a comprehensive range of services. Here are some services that we can encounter at Apple Care Nepal:

  • Screen repair & replacement: Are you facing the problem of a cracked or malfunctioning screen? Our service engineers provide shameless repairs to repair or replace your iPhone’s screen.
  • Battery Replacement: When a battery starts draining faster than usual it’s time to take care of your iPhone’s battery. We offer efficient battery replacement services to give your devices a new energetic life.
  • Water Damage Repair: Devices can get infected by water whenever it comes to your iPhone we are here to encounter a damaged iPhone.
  • Software Troubleshooting: Not only hardware, but problems can arise from software also as software glitches, system errors or crashes, and other different types of software problems we can troubleshoot at minimal turnaround time.
  • All Series iPhones Repair: Whether you own the latest iPhone or a classic model, our technicians are experts in encountering issues in all series, ensuring a one-stop solution for all iPhone users.

Your iPhone, Our Priority: From screen repairs to water damage, Apple Care Nepal ensures reliable services, data privacy, and a 6-month warranty for peace of mind.

The Benefits of Getting Your iPhone Repaired at an Expert Service Center

  • Warranty Protection: Apple Care Nepal provides a 6-month warranty for repair services.
  • Quality Repairs: We only Use genuine tools and parts that ensure the quality of the repair and repairing process.
  • Certified Technician:  Our Service engineers are certified by the Guru Institute of Engineering and Technology which is a CTEVT-certified training provider in Nepal. Our service engineers are well-versed in the different series of iPhones.
  • Having Long Experience: With over a decade of experience in the field of iPhone services. Having customer trust and their positive feedback.
  • Installation of Genuine Parts: We, Apple Care Nepal use genuine parts for iPhone repairs. Our commitment is to provide world-class repair and repair services while reducing the risk of future issues.
  • Affordable Price list: We offer genuine accessories at affordable prices.
  • 7 Days a Week Service: we committed to our customers to provide seven days a week service.
  • Transparent Pricing: Apple Care follows a transparent pricing model, charging customers only after fixing the gadgets.

Nearby Excellence: Find hassle-free iPhone repairs at Apple Care Nepal in New Road, Kathmandu. Transparent pricing, genuine parts, and 7-days-a-week service – your iPhone’s best friend!

Your iPhone Fix, Just Near You! Meet iphone Repair Service in kathmandu

For the best iPhone repair nearby you, just go to straight to APPLE CARE NEPAL in New Road. We are  ready to provide hassles service in Kathmandu, Nepal

Time to rescue your iPhone! Dial us up – Apple Care, or Search iPhone repair center near me you will got, APPLE CARE NEPAL and take a step for straightforward and speedy iPhone repairs!

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    Three Steps Solution

    Bring Damaged Devices

    We will be providing best repair service in the town. We always tries to fix the issue. We never let our user down. Also we have solved most of the issue.

    Diagnosis & Solve Issues

    Our technical team dig into you macbook to find the issue. Also our dedicated technician team finds and solve the issue of the you device or gadget.

    Return Perfect Devices

    We have always found that our customer is found happy and satisfy with our team. Also we have always find the issue and fix them returning to our customer in perfect conditions.


    Our Repair Services

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    Battery Issue
    battery can't hold the charger
    alt alt
    Free Diagnostic
    Price: Free Estimates
    alt alt
    Data Recovery
    Retrive missing files
    alt alt
    Fan Issue
    Overheating or noisy fan
    alt alt
    CPU Issue
    Upgrade to an SSD
    alt alt
    Keyboard Replacement
    Swap out for a new keyboard

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    What Our Clients Say?

    This is my first time repairing my MacBook. Technicians are highly professional they solved my issues taking only one hour. Excellent services at an affordable price and time. From now I am going to repair my laptop at this service center.

    Sarita Giri
    Mackbook User

    Best laptop repair in Nepal. They repaired my Macbook Air 2015 laptop which is a pretty new laptop. They are very humble and have good personalities.

    Ojashwi Basel
    MacBook Air User

    Good knowledgable technician & very brilliant skills of repairing, they provide good service with the satisfying cost at a short period of time. I highly recommend this place for apple repairing services.

    Anjana Tamrakar
    iphone 8 plus User

    Frequently asked questions

    Apple care is the best place for iphone repair service in kathmandu, Nepal. The aim of Apple Care is to provide you with affordable iPhone repair services and the best customer service. The iPhone service center in Nepal is here to satisfy you with our exceptional service within a short period of time.

    If your old iPhone isn't too expensive to fix, it's probably a good idea to repair it, especially if it only has minor problems and still works well for you. Think about its age, how much you like it, and whether you can sell it later.

    Yes, AppleCare can cover the cost of repairing a damaged iPhone screen. However, there may be a deductible fee.