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I Pad Repair in Nepal

I Pad repair in Nepal
I Pad repair in Nepal

Finding the right solutions to your apple problem can be a bit of hassle. We completely understand that I Pad makes our life easier from watching movies, playing games, listening to music’s, online learning, making presentation etc. but when it does not function the way it is supposed to, it makes our life difficult. If you are looking for the best I Pad repair service in Nepal, we ensure your search ends here.


Ipad repair in Nepal
iPad repair in Nepal

Importance of I Pad in daily life

I Pad plays an extremely important role in our daily life both personal and professionally. Therefore, if your I Pad is broken or need to be repaired, our qualified technicians are there to offer quick and reliable services.
Whether it is broken glass, battery replacement, charging port repair, back cracked of I Pad or hardware/software repairing, no worries. We have qualified technicians that ensures to return your I pad at optimal condition and you are fully satisfied with the service we offer.


Why choose Apple Care Nepal for I Pad repair in Nepal?

1. Techniques & Technologies

Our technicians are well knowledge about installation of app, software update, data recovery, screen repair and many more. Latest techniques and technologies are used to repair I Pad issues efficiently. With our expert technicians without delay we are available to repair your I Pad to make it function well and ensure customer satisfaction.

2. Skilled Technicians

We have skilled technicians for both hardware and software repairing for I Pad. Our experts are well experienced in this service industry. They stay updated through regular studies and trainings. They are well knowledge in iOS. system. You can trust that your I Pad is in the right hand and they will serve you well.

3. Authentic Spare Parts

Finding right spare parts for your I Pad is very challenging. We maintain inventory of authentic spare parts for I Pad. Our service center provides you the original spare parts with quality and shelf life with guarantee cards.

4. Affordable Price

The main purpose of our services is to offer excellent repair service and minimize the repairing issues from reoccurring at minimum price.


Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

Q: Do you have pick up and delivery service?

A: Yes, we have pick up and delivery services.

Q: How long does it take to repair iPad?

A: It depends upon the issue that your iPad is having. Usually, it takes 1-2 days.

Q: Are the spare parts and other accessories that you use are authentic?

A: Our spare parts are directly source from the trusted suppliers. Therefore, we only maintain the stock for authentic spare parts and accessories.

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    Three Steps Solution

    Bring Damaged Devices

    We will be providing best repair service in the town. We always tries to fix the issue. We never let our user down. Also we have solved most of the issue.

    Diagnosis & Solve Issues

    Our technical team dig into you macbook to find the issue. Also our dedicated technician team finds and solve the issue of the you device or gadget.

    Return Perfect Devices

    We have always found that our customer is found happy and satisfy with our team. Also we have always find the issue and fix them returning to our customer in perfect conditions.


    Our Repair Services

    alt alt
    Battery Issue
    battery can't hold the charger
    alt alt
    Free Diagnostic
    Price: Free Estimates
    alt alt
    Data Recovery
    Retrive missing files
    alt alt
    Fan Issue
    Overheating or noisy fan
    alt alt
    CPU Issue
    Upgrade to an SSD
    alt alt
    Keyboard Replacement
    Swap out for a new keyboard

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    Apple Care Nepal: Your One-Stop Solution for All iPhone Models Apple Care Nepal: Your One-Stop Solution for All iPhone Models
    Apple Care Nepal: Your One-Stop Solution for All iPhone Models

    What Our Clients Say?

    This is my first time repairing my MacBook. Technicians are highly professional they solved my issues taking only one hour. Excellent services at an affordable price and time. From now I am going to repair my laptop at this service center.

    Sarita Giri
    Mackbook User

    Best laptop repair in Nepal. They repaired my Macbook Air 2015 laptop which is a pretty new laptop. They are very humble and have good personalities.

    Ojashwi Basel
    MacBook Air User

    Good knowledgable technician & very brilliant skills of repairing, they provide good service with the satisfying cost at a short period of time. I highly recommend this place for apple repairing services.

    Anjana Tamrakar
    iphone 8 plus User